Who We Are

The mission of College Church is “Faithfully serving our neighbors through God’s love.” Our core values are care, thankfulness, open-mindedness, learning, and tradition.

The long history of College Church gives evidence to the providential and sustaining hand of God. Humbly, we continue to trust God’s guidance for our future. Prayerfully, we seek to discern God’s will for our future. Faithfully, we strive to be an asset to God’s ministry in this particular place and to bring God glory.


Since 1968, the pastor of College Church has also served the role of Chaplain for Hampden-Sydney College. The Church and College strive for a blending of this unique Pastor/Chaplain role. As Chaplain, the pastor provides pastoral care and liturgical leadership to the College community. This includes participating in the various worship and ceremonial occasions of the College; providing a listening ear and comforting presence to bereaved, ill, or anguished students, faculty, staff, and their families; supporting students, faculty, and staff members in their growing faith and service; and seeking opportunities for informal interaction with students, faculty, and staff.

The Pastor/Chaplain is located on campus and has an office in the basement of College Church.  The ready availability to the community is intentional.  The Chaplain’s office is part of the HSC Student Affairs office and, as such, is able to provide care in many situations and be active and available to work in the life of the entire community.

For more information about specific opportunities for students, see the Student Ministry page.


College Church is a member of the Presbytery of the Peaks in affiliation with the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.).

A hand-made cross adorns the wall of the sanctuary.